Home Parties with Medium Readings in person.  

This is if I am in your area. Depending on where I am traveling!  Or if you are around an hour from Manchester, NH! 

$50 per person. Minimum on 6 people. If there are 10 people there the price goes to $40 per person! So, invite away!  

When I do home parties I will come to your house a few minutes before the party starts because of course I don't want to hear anybody talking about their personal stuff. I will then gather you as a group and I will explain how I connect to spirit. Usually that takes about 10 or 15 minutes. At that point I start my clock and I start reading everybody as a group for two hours straight. I treat it sort of like a gallery event where I connect to spirit and then I connect it to the person sitting in the audience. I'll validate that it's the right person and then I get a message. Then I just do this as many times as I can in the two hours. Typically my parties are a super fun time. Obviously, I am bias. But, usually people are laughing and crying!  

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