House Clearings 

Prices can vary depending on the size of the house. This price Is for a 2 or 3 bedroom house.  

I can come to a house within a radius of an hour or so around Manchester, NH.  

House clearings are when I come to your house and I use sage, salt, a bell, a feather, an abalone shell and a candle or two and I clear out any negative energy. If you know me I'm probably going to bring my rosaries and my Saint Joseph statue and a bunch of crystals and a cross. I may bring some holy water too! You never know what you're going to get into when these house clearings occur. Haha So if you're feeling like the energy in the house is low and you've done it yourself and you need a little extra push that's where I come in. I have done a lot of house clearings and it is a great idea to have a professional do on from time to time. House clearings can be for many reasons. Maybe you just bought a new house or moved into a new apartment and want to clear out the old person's energy. Maybe you want to sell your house and you want people walking in to want to buy your house so you get a clearing to have the energy be lifted and bright. Maybe your kids are driving you crazy and you can feel how low the energy is so that's where I come in. Maybe you're just feeling extra tired and you're trying to rule out what's making you that way so an easy first step is to get the house purged of negative energy. either way if you're interested you can definitely shoot me a message.  

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Also if you are experiencing some sort of paranormal activity and you need me to come in and clear that energy out I can also do that. And don't worry I won't tell grandma to leave you if you want to chat with her in the future. I just get any negative energies or spirits out of the house. Sometimes I connect and tell you who's in the house at that moment. I usually just feel out my client and see what we should do because some people don't want to hear about what's in their house and some people really do! 

Two or Three Bed House


I can come to a house within a radius of an hour or so around Manchester, NH.