Paranormal Investigations

$0 at the moment! 

I've newly added this service to my repertoire. I am just getting into doing paranormal investigations. So, if you feel like your house has a bunch of spirit activity in it and you would like me to come check it out I would love to do this for you for free at the moment. I would like to get a little more notches on my belt before I officially charge people. So, if you're feeling like you might need a little help with this shoot me an email and I would love to chat with you more! Right now I do have a few pieces of equipment I can bring into the house and see what's going on. Yay! Haha 

If you are open to it I would love to be able to record some of the stuff that I do in your home and potentially post it to social media as well. But that's something we can decide on before I do the investigation. 

Thanks so much! I’d love to hear from you! 

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