From Negative to Positive in 10 Minutes

Apr 02, 2021

Hey guys!

So, this one is just really simple and easy. I really want to get you out of that negative rut you just can’t seem to get out of - you know what I’m talking about, right? If you can, take 10 minutes out of your day to do some of these things I am talking about. Taking action can really change up the energy inside you and around you. If you don’t have 10 minutes then do 5 minutes or even 2 minutes. Anything is better than nothing my friends. I personally recommend that you set a timer on your phone just in case you get carried away. You don’t want to accidentally fall asleep while you are meditating or something like I would.

Ok, so get yourself to a good spot. Don’t be driving or anything ridiculous here; I want you to be in a place where you can find peace. Then, I want you to just start by taking a few deep breaths in - make sure you really fill your chest cavity. In through your nose and out through your mouth! Definitely try to repeat this step a few times.

At that point I usually ask Mother Earth to bring her pink light energy up through my feet and out through my head to Father Sky and then I invite to bring that same light right back down through my body from Father Sky to Mother Earth. Really do your best to feel the energy moving through your body. This step really starts to ground your chakras and gets your energy to a more stable place.

At this point you can go back to the deep breathing exercise or, and my personal recommendation, I you can start saying out loud a bunch of your favorite, most empowering mantras. “I am beautiful!” “I am powerful!” “I can accomplish great things!” Anything that is positive and gets your energy flowing in a positive way. You can say a poem over and over. Or a prayer. It just has to be something that helps quiet your mind and helps to put you in that meditative state.

This is really what it’s all about. Relaxing your mind and body. I suggest finding time to complete these steps at least once a day but if you can do it 10 times a day then go for it. Sometimes your day might just be sucking so bad that you need to take 5 mins and go to the bathroom at work or something and get this done. It will really help your mental game. Just knowing yourself enough to know that you need to shift your energy back from negative to positive is an amazing thing! So, get it!

Thanks for reading you guys! Love you!


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