What Can I Expect?

So, what exactly is a Medium?

A Medium is someone with intuitive abilities who is able to communicate with the Spirit world.  Many Mediums have other gifts, such as being psychic, which they can also use while delivering messages from beyond.


What will a reading be like?

There is nothing to be afraid of! If you were ever remotely interested in trying to get a reading, I would never make anyone feel uncomfortable. You can ask me any questions you’d like during your time with me. I love being able to help people move on from grief or maybe just get that answer from a loved one about a specific question they had. We never know what will come through during a reading.

With respect to my gift, I get words and pictures from Spirit. Sometimes I feel ailments the spirit had to help validate to you who they are. Sometimes I get a smell that reminds you of them. Every reading is a little different. Which truly makes it that much more rewarding for everyone involved. 

I can do a one-on-one reading, which is as simple as it sounds. You and I together for 30 or 60 mins. I can get messages from Spirit for you the entire time. I may also pull out my oracle cards if I feel Spirit tell me to. Also, sometimes the cards help them to come through more.


I love doing house parties!! Get your friends together and have a fun night in! Whether it’s a birthday party, a bachelorette/bachelor party, a house warming party, or just a reason to invite friends over. Have me over for a few hours. I will make you all laugh for sure! I might make you cry. (Sorry about that. Good tears though!)


I usually light a candle, clear the space of negative energy, and go from there. I like to describe in detail what I do and how I do it at that point so everyone can understand. I like to make everyone pull a card out of the oracle deck to start off the evening. It usually starts the juices flowing. I love having high energy in the room.  With group readings I just connect to who I connect with. So, everyone in the room may not get a reading. (Everyone might as well. It just all depends.) I am really up for anything so I may switch up the entire evening depending on what Spirit tells me.


To set up your reading, party or for more information contact me!  


Contact Me

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