Ready to feel happy without feeling like you have to lose weight first?

I am a Badass Empowerment Queen! I empower plus-sized women to embrace their curves and find the confidence to discover who they truly are so they can start living free from stereotypes and past traumas.

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Deciding to stop hating your body, regain your self-confidence and appreciate who you are and what you look like can seem impossible as a plus-sized woman.

Changing the way you think about yourself and worrying about other people’s perception can feel like a constant battle and take over your life.

Maybe you have tried it all: every diet, potion, pill, and life hack you “should” be doing.

You have tried every mindset technique for self-love in the book, yet still you...

  • Lack confidence in your body
  • Look in the mirror and feel disgusted by what you see
  • Feel like you look horrible no matter what you do
  • Avoid mirrors altogether
  • Feel worthless and that you have failed

You need a support system where YOU matter and a community in which the numbers on the scale do NOT matter!


This is the best decision you can ever make, and you can choose to make it today!

I’m Steffanie Damboise, Badass Empowement Queen and Founder of Own Your Curves

I've been in your shoes, struggling with my weight and my relationship to my worth and confidence for years. Life does not need to be this way!

Let me help you empower that beautiful body and soul of yours!

Empower Your Curves is a program in which you can BE. A program that gives you your power back so the numbers on the scale can stop ruining your life.



Own Your Curves Has Everything You Need!

  • 12-Week Program with everything you need to take back your identity and own your life again!
  • Opportunity to share your story
  • Learn to see yourself in a new way with the tools you need for a positive mindset
  • Feel comfortable in the dating scene again!
  • Move past the stereotypes
  • Release past traumas
  • Focus on the Chakras
  • Meditation
  • Soul work

Hi, I’m Steffanie and I believe that your weight does not define your worth.

I got to an amazing weight for someone who is 5’ 11”. I felt like a super model. But I still wasn’t happy!

I struggled with my weight in relationship to my worth and confidence for my entire life.

There is a picture of my Mother holding me when I was 10 months old, she had just given birth to her fourth child and was right back to a size two. In that picture, my arms were already literally bigger than hers (you feel me, don’t you?!).

Growing up, I got picked on for my weight relentlessly. In elementary school, middle school, and high school where it was so bad that I actually contemplated suicide daily during my freshman and sophomore year.

In my late teens and 20’s, I was called “morbidly obese”.

I did every diet I could try. Yo-yo'ing up and down.

Wasn’t weight loss supposed to be the magic answer? Poof, I am thinner and healthy…glitter exploding everywhere and shit!

Shouldn’t I be my happiest EVER?!

LIARS! It was all a lie.

The part everyone forgets to tell you is that: you have to make the inside as beautiful as your outside.

I can help you do that! I help women to own their curves!

Let’s do this! Let me show you what has helped me along my journey, so that I can show you how to improve your life, your well being, your way of thinking, and really help you OWN YOUR CURVES!

Ready to own your curves?!